New Book, New Blog

Welcome! I’m Michael Miller, and this new blog is in support of my new book, Fake News: Separating Truth from Fiction. It’s my first book for teens/young adults, marketed to the library market, both school and public libraries. It’s available in hardcover library binding from Lerner Publishing’s Twenty-First Century Books imprint.

As you can tell from the title, the book is all about the topic of fake news — deliberately fictional news spread via social media, as well as real news called fake by duplicitous politicians. It’s a particularly relevant topic in these turbulent times, and will help anyone distinguish actual fake news from real news.

This blog is designed to support my Fake News book. Each week I’ll be posting in this blog about some of the more notable instances of fake news — or false claims of “fake news” — during the previous week. It’s a rapidly-moving topic, so there’s lots to talk about. Come back each week for what’s new, or subscribe to be notified about new posts. It’s going to be fun!

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