Fake News for the Week Ending May 24, 2019

Sorry for missing the post last week. Busy times! So, with no further ado, here is the fake news news for this past week:

  • Speed-manipulated videos of Rep. Nancy Pelosi are making the rounds, making it appear as if she’s drunk or otherwise incapacitated and slurring her words. All fake, of course, and the various social networks are taking flak for allowing those videos on their services. Politico reports on the situation.
  • European Union elections are coming up, which means there’s tons of fake news popping up across the pond. Phys.org has the story.
  • Another meme making the social network rounds asks the leading question, “Did we ever see Obama’s school records, his social security records, his selective service records, or his tax returns?” Well, yes, we did, as Factcheck.org clarifies.


  • Finally, we ask the question, did New Mexico make Ramadan a state holiday? The answer, despite what some fake news stories claim, is no. Snopes debunks the story here.

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