Fake News for the Week Ending June 7, 2019

What’s up in fake news this week? Here are the highlights:

  • More details are coming out about Russia’s manipulation of fake news on Twitter during the 2016 presidential election. It was massive, and could have actually swung the election. They also knew what they were doing and were patient about it, waiting almost six months after creating an account before tweeting from it. Politico has the whole story.
  • If you thought fake news was an important factor in the 2016 election, just wait for 2020. The Guardian has a terrific story about how fake news and misinformation impacted and continues to impact voters, and just what we might expect going forward. It is not a reassuring story. Read it here.
  • The Pew Research Center finds that Americans view fake news as a bigger issue than terrorism, immigration, and climate change. More than half (54%) say it impacts their confidence in other Americans, and a similar number (51%) say it impacts the ability of political leaders to get work done. Axios has the story.
  • Speaking of presidential politics, current President Donald Trump is in Europe to honor the 75th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. While there he was met by large crowds of protestors, but he apparently had on rose colored glasses and didn’t (or refused to) see them. During a press conference in London, Trump claimed that he’d seen “thousands of people” who were waving American flags and cheering his appearance, and only a “small protest” against him. Of the protests, he said that “a lot of it is fake news, I hate to say.” The cable news networks were quick to dispute this claim, with concurrent live pictures of more than 75,000 anti-Trump protestors in Trafalgar Square. It bears repeating that it isn’t fake if you can see it with your own eyes. Time has the story.

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