Fake News for the Week Ending June 14, 2019

Here’s what’s happening in the world of fake news this week:

  • Responding to reports that his own internal polling shows him trailing Joe Biden and other Democratic presidential candidates, and despite numerous other national polls showing the same results, President Trump called these polls — his own campaign’s polls, remember — “fake polls.” In his own words, as reported by ABC News:

“We have great internal polling, there were fake polls released by somebody that is – it is ridiculous. We are winning in every single state that we polled. We’re winning in Texas very big, in Ohio very big, in Florida very big.  They were fake polls that were either put out by the corrupt media, much of the media in this country is corrupt …Some of it is excellent, some is very bad. Those are fake numbers. You know when you will see that, on election day, on election day, you will see.”

    • Real polls don’t become fake just because you don’t like the numbers, of course. And a real interview, captured on video, doesn’t become fake because you don’t like the fallout. Witness Mr. Trump’s response to the almost-universal condemnation of his remarks that he’d most certainly take opposition information from a foreign power without first reporting it to the FBI, from a bombshell interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. In a series of typically over-the-top tweets, Trump accused the “Fake News Media” of leaving out some of his Stephanopoulos interview – in his words, “the part that matters.” Of course, that isn’t true. I’ve seen the entire interview, and it’s pretty clear and damning what Mr. Trump said and what he meant. Nothing was left out, and ABC News and other legitimate outlets reporting on this are not “fake news media.” This is just another instance of the president trying to label reporting he doesn’t like – from media he doesn’t like – as “fake.” Read about it from Deadline.


  • Multiple posts are circulating on Facebook that former Vice President (and current Democratic presidential candidate) Joe Biden leaked the names of the Navy SEALs who killed Osama Bin Laden: “Never forget it was Biden who leaked the names of SEAL Team 6 family’s to Al Qaeda and cannot be trusted!” This is simply not true. Biden did publicly credit the SEALs with killing Osama Bin Laden, but did not disclose the team or team members responsible. Read the whole story from FactCheck.org.
  • Finally, a site called the NPC Daily published an article claiming that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has banned straight marriage during Gay Pride Month. This is not true. NPC Daily is a satirical website and this story was just for yucks; straight Canadians can still get married, don’t worry. But that didn’t stop alarmists from circulating the fake story as a real one on social media, of course. Snopes debunks the whole thing here.

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