Fake News for the Week Ending June 28, 2019

There was lots of news about fake news this week, including the following:


  • Fake and manipulated videos, especially so-called deepfakes, have the potential to fool many people, disrupt the public discourse, and perhaps even impact the upcoming presidential election. Not to fear; The Washington Post has an online guide to understanding and identifying manipulated video. Check it out here.


  • And the week wouldn’t be complete with something from President Donald Trump. This week, at the G-20 summit in Japan, Mr. Trump was meeting with Russian President Putin and made this snide aside as members of press were leaving the room:

“Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn’t it? You don’t have this problem in Russia, but we do.”

To which Mr. Putin responded, in English, “We also have. It’s the same.” Then the two men chuckled. Yeah, smearing the legitimate press as “fake” is a big joke, isn’t it? (Check out the coverage here, from The Hill.)

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