Fake News for the Week Ending July 5, 2019

Happy Independence Day, everybody! Here’s the fake news this week:

  • It’s starting. We’re barely into the 2020 presidential campaign and already the fake garbage is flying. This week it was reported that Patrick Mauldin, a Trump campaign operative, has created a fake Joe Biden website (www.JoeBiden.info) that contains fairly negative coverage of the Democratic presidential candidate. It’s designed to look like a real Biden website, but it isn’t; it’s sole purpose is to confuse anyone who trips across it. Dirty politics is what it is. Newsweek has the story here.

Annotation 2019-07-05 113513

  • Think fake news is harmless? Politico has a frightening article about how fake news could lead to real war. The article delves into the long history of manufactured pretexts for war, dating all the way back to the American Revolution. It’s happened before and it can happen again. Here’s the story.
  • Not all fake news is political in nature. There’s a ton of fake medical news, mostly promoting bogus “cures,” “natural treatments,” and “herbal remedies.” Most of this junk is spread via Facebook and other social media, not surprisingly, but now Facebook is trying to crack down on the fake medical news by treating it like clickbait or spam. This is a good thing. The Washington Post has the story here.
  • Finally, the CBC has put together some great info on how to spot fake news and what to do about it when you find it. (Thank you, Canadia!) Read the story here.

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