Fake News for the Week Ending July 19, 2019

What’s real in the world of fake news this week? Here’s the most important stuff:

  • The FaceApp app is all the rage, with everybody showing off photos of how they’ll look when they’re old. (I’m already old, so why bother?) However, the app itself is from a Russian developer, which has kicked off lots of fears about how the Russians will now own all your personal photos. They won’t. Snopes has the facts, which are a little more complicated.

faceapp duo

  • How does the European Union deal with the flood of fake news from Russia? With the Cyber Rapid Response Force, based in Lithuania. Read all about it in this story from the UK’s Independent.
  • I focus a lot on fake news in the political arena, and understandably so, but fake health news is just as prevalent and perhaps more harmful, at least on a personal level. For example, people with cancer often cling to any stories that promise any sort of cure. David Robert Grimes has a terrific article in the Guardian about all the fake cancer news and pseudoscience out there – how it’s harmful and how to deal with it. Read it here.
  • No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not say that private truck drivers are destroying America because they throw bottles of pee out their windows while driving. It’s just another ugly anti-AOC meme circulating on Facebook and elsewhere. FactCheck.org has the straight poop here.

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