Fake News for the Week Ending September 13, 2019

Here’s this week’s fake news stories:

  • The BBC reports on how YouTube runs ads for major brands alongside videos touting fake medical news. They found more than 80 videos containing health misinformation, primarily fake cancer cures. Ten of these fake news videos had more than a million views apiece. Read more here.
  • Also from the BBC, an examination of why we believe fake news. In many cases it has to do with “infostorms” that bombard us with similar fake news stories. Read about it here.
  • Learn how fact checkers vet and debunk fake news stories in this interesting article from PRI.
  • More and more fake news comes in the form of misleading or altered images, which could be a huge issue for Instagram leading up to the 2020 elections. Here’s the story.
  • Did you see this photo pop up your Facebook feed? The accompanying text claims that it’s Rep. Ilhan Omar at an Al Qaeda training camp. It isn’t. It’s actually a photo of a Somalian army recruit taken in 1978. (For what it’s worth, Omar wasn’t born until 1982 and she does not, as best as I can tell, possess time traveling powers.) All fake, as debunked by FactCheck.org.

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