Fake News for the Week Ending November 15, 2019

Fake news news this week includes:

  • A Snopes investigation reveals that a web of fake profiles and groups is building a “pro-Trump empire” on Facebook. Fascinating and scary stuff.
  • Also from Snopes: no, that offer you saw on Facebook about a free 24-pack of Bud Light isn’t true. Just more fake news, sorry, totally debunked. No free beer today.

Annotation 2019-11-15 104557

  • The recent Kentucky gubernatorial election was close, very close, but Democratic candidate Andy Beshear pulled out a narrow win. You wouldn’t know it by browsing Twitter, where thousands of automated Twitterbots were spreading rumors about (fake) election fraud. USA Today has the story.
  • Facebook is trying to fight fake news, primarily by demoting fake stories in the news feed, but there are still lots of ways to share known disinformation on the Facebook site. Read more from NiemanLab.
  • Israeli startup Cheq is using military-grade tech to fight fake news. CNBC has the story.
  • Fake news is making things worse and stoking violence in Hong Kong. Read all about it from Bloomberg.
  • Finally, despite what you might have seen on social media, there is no sequel to the movie Titanic in the works. The trailer you saw for Titanic 2: The Return of Jack was just a fake. It’s debunked by Snopes, here.

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