Fake News for the Week Ending November 22, 2019

Here we go:

  • This is an older one, but it kept popping up in my Facebook feed this week. (I apparently have gullible Facebook “friends.”) No, George Soros’ son isn’t married to Adam Schiff’s sister. PolitiFact does the usual debunking.

fake news 01

  • Nor, for that matter, is it true that President Trump is abusing over-the-counter stimulants, as supposedly “proven” by a photo of his office with several Sudafed boxes in the background. The guy probably just had a cold, as Snopes points out.

  • The title of this Washington Post article says it all: “How Russia weaponized social media, got caught and escaped consequences.” Read it.
  • Why do we (or at least some of us) believe fake news? According to The Conversation, it’s because fake news grabs our attention, appeals to our emotions, and produces false memories. Read more here.
  • And from The Guardian, a cool little history of Fake News. It ain’t new, folks.

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