Fake News for the Week Ending February 7, 2020

Let’s get right to it:

  • Given the complete and total fiasco that was the Iowa Democratic caucuses, it’s not surprising that a raft of conspiracy theories are being floated on social media attributed evil intent behind the debacle. Fave theories include the claim that there’s a connection between candidate Pete Buttigieg and the tech company that developed the app behind the mess, that Hillary Clinton was behind the misbehaving app, and that the DNC deliberately triggered the chaos to hurt Bernie Sanders’ campaign. None of these conspiracy theories are true, of course. The Associated Press tells you all about it.

  • FBI director Christopher Wray told Congress that Russia’s disinformation campaign never stopped after the 2016 elections — and that other countries, such as China, are also trying to influence U.S. government policy and public opinion. “We are seeing, and have never stopped seeing, efforts to engage in malign foreign influence by the Russians,” Wray stated. The BBC has the whole story.
  • The Atlantic has an in-depth piece about how the Trump campaign is using social media and other technologies to spread disinformation in advance of the upcoming presidential election. The article is titled “The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President;” read it here.
  • Montana state representative Rodney Garcia (Republican), made this claim: “So actually in the Constitution of the United States [if] they are found guilty of being a socialist member you either go to prison or are shot.” Regardless of your like or dislike of socialists, this claim is utterly false. Nowhere in the United States Constitution does it state that socialists should be either imprisoned or shot. It’s fake news from the part of Rep. Garcia, as reported by The Hill.
  • Finally, no, this isn’t a picture of Representative Adam Schiff and the alleged whistleblower that instigated the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. It’s actually a picture of Schiff, his wife and daughter, and his daughter’s actual boyfriend. (Yes, his first name is Eric, same as the alleged whistleblower, which is probably where the fake caption got started.) Ignore the already viral photo circulating through the social media, as debunked by FactCheck.org.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing, possible text that says 'This is Eric Ciarella, aka "whistleblower" aka Schiffs daughters boyfriend. Now we understand, its another piece to the puzzle. Adam Schiff is one sick, crooked politician'

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